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The Laughing Pug Drippies. Awesome coffee, good for the planet, great for you. Drink them anytime, anywhere.

Tired of paying over the top prices…

Tired of paying over the top prices for average coffee. Try our pour-overs and drip coffees and see what you’ve been missing.

Quick to make, convenient, eco friendly and pretty damn good to boot. All that and saving you in the back pocket too.

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The Laughing Pug giveaway draw.

@omgthelaughingpug Is it time for a GIVEAWAY??? Yess it is! We love our coffee so much that we want to share it with you, so one lucky winner will receive the following • 1x 10 pk Doggfather Dripbags • 1x 10 pk Organic Dripbags • 1x 10 pk PNG Gold Dripbags • 1x ECO 10pk PNG Gold • 1x Organic Coffee BodyScrub • 40g Chocolate covered coffee beans • 1x @grit_ceramicsKeep Cup
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Hey NZ, Winter is almost done….

Hey NZ, winter is almost done and dusted but if your like us, you’re still craving the warm fuzzy feeling that first coffee of the day gives us. Are you tired of paying $5 or more for your morning fix? Would you like to be able to brew a top notch coffee yourself for a fraction of the cost? Then you should really try these. Tag someone who you think would love them. Time to start brewing! Boom! ?No appliances or expensive junk needed. Just hot water and your favorite mug. Get into it NZ. ☕️

The Laughing Pug Australia

How do you enjoy your daily Coffee? Do you ever feel frustrated, rushed or annoyed leaving home for that perfect cup of coffee only to be disappointed by cost, quality and time wasted in your busy lifestyle. We are proud to present our ‘PNG Gold Drippies’ and ‘Pure Organic Drippies’. Affordable, Quick, Easy, World class quality coffee with just a cup and hot water needed. Sounds good? Follow the pug. Coming to a market near you! ‪#‎coffee‬ ‪#‎puglife‬ ‪#‎fromhome‬ ‪#‎traveling‬ ‪#‎inahurry‬ ‪#‎quality‬ ‪#‎dripcoffee‬ ‪#‎burleighheads‬ @thelaughingpugaus

Ah… coffee. Do you drink it?

The Good Life Health

Ah… coffee. Do you drink it?
Picked up these super convenient “instant coffee” filters with coffee at The Laughing Pug‘s stall at the Taranaki Farmers Market today. Looks like some kind of mad science experiment. Both Mr Good Life and I agreed – their coffee was amazing.
But what!? Isn’t coffee bad for you!?
Yes, and no.
It depends on a lot of things – firstly I always say to listen to your body, meaning, if you drink a cup of coffee and you get jittery and anxious then it is probably not for you. Or, perhaps the quality of the coffee isn’t the best. If coffee makes you feel any ill effects at all, well then no, coffee probably isn’t good for YOU. It could also be that you are drinking too much.
However, if you drink some coffee through the day and do not notice any ill effects then there is a lot of information out there that says that coffee is just fine for you. In fact it’s a great source of antioxidants amongst other things.
I think coffee becomes a problem when we start loading it with milk and sugar (and in North America all those palm-oil based coffee creamers that taste so good!).
Coffee is also a problem if you “can’t wake up without it” or depend on it to get through your day. When you become dependent on coffee or you energy is so low that you NEED coffee, then that is a problem that needs to be addressed.
There are also people with various health concerns that should avoid coffee and so if you are uncertain – please talk to your doctor ,nutritionist, or other health practitioner.
Overall, coffee and I get along great. On a cold winter morning – it nourishes me inside and out. I’ll let you decide whether it works for you. I love having coffee with just a little bit of coconut oil in it, and at this stage my favourites are Ozone Coffee RoastersPrimal Culture – Bulletproof Coffee and Products and now The Laughing Pug.
While you’re at it, Have a read of some info below too.…/should-you-be……/…/
The Good Life Health
Article rights belong to Michelle Yandle Health Coach. Many thanks.

Patched Up

Introducing the latest addition to the line of pug clothing. Want one????? Get in touch with us quick as they are a very limited addition.

Breaking News

Ugly scenes spilled out onto a quiet suburban street in Phoenix today when a man and his dog threw their toys out of the cot after running out of The Laughing Pug drip bags. The stand-off between the man, dog and police started after an argument developed at the weekly Thursday coppa bingo night over who was supposed to bring the doughnuts and who was supposed to supply the pug’s finest. It was finally the pug who sorted it and everything ended peacefully. oh and for the record, Gerald finished the night $200 bucks up and will be supplying the pugs brew next week. On ya Gerald.