The Laughing Pug Coffee Company

I’d love to regale with tales of the laughing pugs heroics, danger and intrigue but the reality is, there isn’t one. Really it all just started with a conversation between two blokes over a few coldies about a quality coffee and the challenge from one to another to produce something better. There you have it, the story of “The Laughing Pug”. Striving to rid the world of bad coffee, one brew at a time.

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Our Beans

Rest assured, our roasted coffee beans are of the highest quality, sourced out of PNG and only from premium small holders.
The coffee is grown without using any chemicals, hand picked, often shade grown and / or with mixed crops.
From there, the coffee is centrally processed and graded using the wet process (washed) then sun dried on patios.
This initiative is quality focused and produces outstanding results for the farmers and ultimately the best cup of joe this side of anywhere for the consumers (you).

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Our drip bags....

Here at The Laughing Pug, we’re proud to offer the most modern and convenient way to enjoy our coffee – Drip Bags!
Perfect for enjoying at your business, home, on-the-go or while travelling, our drip coffee filters will revolutionise your coffee game.

Our biodegradable drip bags, carefully made with our perfectly ground organic arabica beans, are ideal for enjoying anywhere, anytime, all while amazing the senses and transporting you to your favourite coffee shop.

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Want to buy wholesale?

Interested in offering the best coffee for your Business?

Talk to us and see how we can supply you with premium coffee beans for wholesale and commercial use.
If you don’t want the hassle of having a machine we also supply premium drip coffee bags. (these taste amazing) Check them out on our website and can also help you with supplies of takeaway cups, keep cups, sugars and other consumables!
We pride ourselves on building great business relationships with the right partners and would love to watch your business grow with a coffee thats above the rest.
Simply fill out the form in the wholesale section of the shop page and we can get your business the coffee it deserves.

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Want know more about us

Want to know more about the pugs beans, then head on over to our info page and find out a little bit more.
We’ll be only to happy to answer any other questions you have through our contact page.

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